Child's First Semester Of College? Why It May Be Difficult For Them And How To Get Help

13 January 2016
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It is a big transition going from high school to college, and it takes time to get used to it. If you have a child that has just started college, they may start having problems during their first semester. Even if they were a straight A student in high school, their grades may go down a little at first. If this sounds like your child, below are some reasons why this may be happening, and how they can get some help.

Full or Part Time

According to the National Student Clearing House (NSC) only 39.6 percent of undergraduate students attended college full time during their entire stint in school. Over three-quarters of these students finished their degree within six years. Fifty-three percent of students that attended college both full and part time had problems, and one-third of these students dropped out of college completely.

If your child is attending school full-time, they may want to consider moving to part-time their next semester, at least in the beginning. This will allow them to have time to get used to their classes, and the amount of homework they will have.  This will also put a little less stress on them.


Your child may start feeling depressed, especially if they have moved away from home for the first time. This can be due to missing home, missing friends they have left behind, and having a hard time with their classes.  

If it is due to having a hard time with one or more of their classes, most colleges have tutors. These tutors are often graduate students, and it may even be free.

Check with your child's school to see if they have a psychologist on campus to help them. If not, they should get help outside of school. They can start counseling sessions, and they may also take medication to help them feel better.

Self-Help Guru

A self-help guru is someone that has a lot of wisdom and knowledge on a certain subject. This is usually from having a personal experience with this subject, or they may have taught this subject to students in the past.  The self-help guru has undergone the same problems in their life, and have learned how to get through them. They then teach this knowledge to other people. Your child can see a self-help guru in an individual setting, or there are also group settings. They will help your child set goals for themselves, and help them achieve these goals.

It will take time for your child to get to feeling better, but once they do, you should see a vast improvement in their grades as well as in your child.

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